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Gina Rene

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Musical Styles:

Listening to Gina Rene' speak is the next best thing to watching her sing. There's a quality of both sweetness and sauciness, and a genuine good humor about her, whether she is standing before a lively audience in a nightclub or sitting quietly in her own living room. As a performer she has the kind of voice that seems to celebrate it's source. When she is not singing, Ms Rene' seems Earthbound.Jazz singer Gina Rene' is comfortable behind the microphone, comfortable performing. Her irresistible blend of vocals, personality, and energy compressed into one body is enigmatic, and Savannah crowds are lucky to claim her as their own. Even in the world of jazz where performers are expected to have personality and charisma, Gina is a natural whose voice and rapport with the audience places her in a class by her self. Ike Carter, director of radio station WHCJ, 90.3 FM described Rene's stage presence as magnetic. "She reaches the audience." he said she works 'em. In Jazz this is as important as a good voice. She sparkles, even bubbles, just like champagne. She became a permanent fixture on the Jazz Scene, performing in 1994 with the Savannah Pops Orchestra, the Savannah Jazz Orchestra, The Savannah Jazz All Stars, Duke Ellington Birthday Tributes, The Savannah Jazz Festival Divas In Jazz concert, Three Divas & Dinner, And the Hilton Head Jazz Society concerts. And also the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics. In 1998 she Teamed up with Savannah Bassist Ben Tucker at Hard Hearted Hannahs, Hannahs East, The Marshall House Hotel, The Beluga Cafe in Atlanta and countless other venues. She has shared th Stage with countless Musicians including Teddy Adams, Doug Carn, Kevin Bales John Collianni, Gary Motley, Delbert Felik, Rene' Marie, Tierney Sutton, Alex Nguyen, Joe Jones. With her classy refined brand of Jazz and romantic soul Gina's gifted with a strong supple alto


Dan Barrett, Itinerant Jazz Trombonist

Almost every jazz musician I know dreams about owning his or her own club. If I had my own place, I'd want it to be just like the Jazz Corner. It's one of the classiest, "grooviest" clubs in which I've had the pleasure of performing. (I'm still trying to figure out if it's a great jazz club that's also a first-class restaurant, or the other way around!)

Upcoming Performances

The Jazz Corner Quintet featuring Gina Rene' December 2nd at 8:00 PM

Closed for Private Event